MOUNTAIN COMPOSITES - New World Industry for centuries!

This project is proposed to a potential buyer of the rights to use technology of production of fibers from rocks.

Poured and frozen magma gives us a huge variety of rocks. This gift should serve people. Mankind is not able to create the apparatus named "Volcano", but to use those rocks are within our reach.

The current potential areas of CFR are very diverse: the automotive industry and shipbuilding; construction of buildings and roads; wind power.

Mountain composites are already replacing multi-billion dollar industries of carbon, fiberglass, chemical fibers, ceramics and steel

Continuous fibers from rocks (CFR) - a new type of silicate fillers (SF) of composite materials (CM).

Silicate filler is obtained by melting various rocks in furnaces using the “Kibol”® method in the form of continuous, staple, chopped, coarse fiber and nano-powders. A high-speed production process (SF) has been developed that ensures a low residence time in the process of melting which implies less investment per ton of molten products, lower power consumption and better quality.

Competive advantages of CFR are expressed in  

  • - DIRECT PROCESSING OF NATURAL SYSTEMS without chemical separation of individual components, which is one of the methods of ENERGY SAVING and PRESERVING OF NATURE
  • - the diversity of rocks allows you to get manufacture unknown to the world composite materials
  • - superiority as “all-in-one” material, that can be achieved by lower costs
  • - single-stage technology "rock to fiber"
  • - easy disposal
  • - environmental friendliness (pure fiber for mass use with the best set of properties)
  • - patent protection technology for CFR and CM materials based on them

The developed technologies for CFR can reduce the projected threats to mankind including environmental, climatic problems, as well as depletion of natural resources.

The proposed project for organizing the production of CFR and CM on their basis, gives a chance to become global leader among manufacturers of innovative composite materials of the future, while being already in high demand today.

A new technology has been developed to produce CF allows to drastically reduce costs, improve return on equity. With a production volume of 10 thousand tons/year of CF in the Russian Federation, creates a business of present value (PV) $ 75 million, and net present value (NPV) $ 40 million.