This project is offered to a potential buyer of the rights to use the technology for obtaining fiber from rocks.


OOO «Sudogda fiberglass»

Legal address: 150047, Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl, ul. Belinsky, 28A TIN 3324121748, KPP 332401001r / s 40702810592000692301 in the Yaroslavl branch of JSC Promsvyazbank k / s 30101810300000000760, BIC 047888760

Sudogodskiye Stekloplastiki LLC is an enterprise that produces more than 80 types of products made of fiberglass and continuous basalt fiber. These are structural, roofing, construction, basalt, electrical insulation, filter fabrics and cloths, road, masonry, plaster, oil and gas grids, filter hoses, "ecobags", pockets, plugs, metal distributors, fire panels, curtains, curtains, various glass tapes, insulation materials, mats, pillows, rolled fiberglass, bars, fittings, profiles.

Consumers of our products are more than 160 legal entities and entrepreneurs in the military-industrial complex, energy, oil and gas sector, nuclear industry, road construction, housing and utilities, communications, construction of buildings and structures, ship and aircraft construction.
The company employs 200 people, the quality management system of the organization complies with ISO 9001-2008, the quality of products is checked in its own technical laboratory.

Sudogodsky stekloplastiki LLC has twisting, unwinding, warping equipment, measuring and rejection machines, a fleet of looms "Ryti", "Dornier", R-125, PN-110, knitting machines "Karl-Mayer MALIMO", tape looms" Jacob Muller AG", a set of sewing equipment" Singer"," GARUDAN"," Juki", lines for impregnation and special processing of fabric.

For a number of products, the company is the only manufacturer in the Russian Federation (filter hoses and fabrics, thread-stitching fabrics, masonry construction nets, basalt fabrics, fiberglass rods with a length of more than 150 m).

For the first time in the world in industrial volumes in the early 90-ies, the production of continuous basalt fiber(NBB) from rocks (GP) was created at our industrial site using the technology developed by Viktor Fedorovich Kibol, PhD. The technology is protected by a number of patents of the Russian Federation, the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, and China.

At present, a project has been prepared to further improve the technology for producing continuous fibers from GP based on more silicate GP, which allows to obtain continuous fibers with significantly better characteristics than basalt fiber. For the implementation of these investment projects, we have trained personnel, an industrial site 200 km from Moscow (near the Moscow-Kazan-Ural highway).

The industrial site has a well-developed infrastructure (a high-pressure gas pipeline, water from its own well, a drainage system, a developed energy sector with a free capacity of 2 MW), the land plot is owned.

For the implementation of investment projects, there are both undeveloped land plots (about 3.8 hectares) and industrial buildings with an area of 5000m2 , 2000m2, 1400m2, 800m2, 450m2, which can be used both separately and in a complex (see the scheme of the investment site). The amount of funding for the announced project is about $ 8 million.


601351, Russia, Vladimir region, Sudogda
, Kommunisticheskaya str., 1, tel. (49235) 2-16-65
TIN / KPP 3324124026/332401001
General Director Mikhail Samoilov
Tel (49235) 2-26-58
E-mail suplast@ya.ru



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