Business strategy

The business strategy is to create a viable business model

The business strategy is to create a viable business model based on a "Test" (Pilot) with one or two production nodes, with a capacity of 100 t / year for continuous fiber from rocks (NVG). The cost of construction and start-up will be from 50 million rubles. (phase 1). This approach allows the investor to verify the viability of the technology with minimal financial risks and to search for additional sales markets.

Phase 1

Stage 1.
To obtain continuous fiber, it is necessary to choose the right raw material, determine the optimal technological process for cooking and drawing elementary fiber on an experimental laboratory installation( ELU), from rock melts (GP), determine the optimal temperature intervals for melting GP and producing fibers. Obtaining laboratory samples(NVG) with subsequent testing for strength, chemical resistance, etc. properties. That can be used to predict price scenario on future sales of NVG, taking as a "prototype", for example, fiberglass E-grade, current price budget fiberglass is an average of 1.2 $/kg, or fiberglass brand's current price to an average of 6 $/kg.

Stage 2.
Creation of a Test plant for the production of continuous fibers on which the feeder designs will be worked out, technological parameters will be removed for subsequent input into the program of mathematical modeling of the process of obtaining NVG, their optimal hardware design, according to the three "E", in order to obtain NVG at a cost lower than from E –glass, experimental batches will be developed to clarify the market of reinforcing fibers in order to determine the capacity of pilot production

Phase 2

Pilot production of NVG

Phase 3

Industrial production