Private Scientific - Engineering Basalt Technological Firm "KIBOL" was founded in 1998 on the basis of cooperative society, and following - research-and-production firm "Composite" which were established in 1989 by the Victor Kibol.

Since 1982, being the Senior Engineer of the Experimental Factory of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine he has developed new high-temperature insulation materials which were used in aerospace engineering, in atomic engineering and various other branches of a national economy.

Since 1984 V.Kibol has the direct relation to manufacturing of various types of basalt fibres and composite materials on their basis. Under his supervision and at his direct participation technologies of producing of a basalt continuous fiber were developed, starting from a laboratory stage and finishing with industrial scale plant in Sudogda (Russia).

Private Scientific - Engineering Basalt Technological Firm "KIBOL" specializes on rendering of engineering services and implementation of Continues Basalt Fiber Production technologies.

Analogue of technology of manufacturing of continuous basalt fiber is the technology of manufacturing of glass fibres. However basalt continuous fibers have the features, technology, "know-how" etc..

One-stage manufacture process and unlimited raw-material source are most significant advantages of the given technology before already existing technologies in the field of manufacture of composite materials.

Basalt materials, being structural analogues of fiber glass production, surpass it in technical and physic-mechanical properties and considerably expand sphere of application of these materials. Besides the basalt fiber is considered by the consumers as a substitute of asbestos, and in structure of composite materials - as a substitute of expensive high-module magnesium - aluminum -silicate fibres.

 Available technologies contain a lot of a know-how, they are patented on Ukraine and in Russia, the international application is sent. Under our license JSC "Sudogodskoe Steklovolokno" in Russia has constructed the plant for manufacturing of continuous basalt fiber, rovings, chopped fibres, grids, tapes, fabrics by with total output capacity of 500 tons per year. Production of JSC "Sudogodskoe Steklovolokno" has passed approbation in many countries of the world and has received positive responses about technological properties of basalt composite materials.

We surely can say that all over the world we are pioneers of technologies of manufacturing of continuous basalt fiber and for the first time advanced in Russia up to industrial scale. It proves to be true also our patents. Nowadays our main task is simplification of process of manufacture of a basalt continuous fiber and reduction of the manufacturing cost, and also development new high silicate fibres from rocks and composite materials on their basis.

At the same time, under your order, we are ready to construct a factory on manufacture of fibres of rocks, being based on our experience, patents, a know-how and qualified personnel, using the Ukrainian raw material or raw material in your country.

Your projects and offers may be a point of issue and negotiations.