This project is offered to a potential buyer of the rights to use the technology for obtaining fiber from rocks.

The XXI century is the era of exploration of near-Earth space and at the same time the era of the search and use by mankind of new resources that the Earth gives us, including the frozen, igneous magma of volcanoes and obtaining from it, from these blocks of stone, the thinnest, continuous fibers that are now an integral part of any composite material (CM). Composites are everywhere around us. This can be a variety of products: in aerospace engineering, construction, mechanical engineering (bodies that do not rot), sports equipment (skis, rackets), pipelines, road nets, etc.

Why are CM so widely implemented in our lives? They are made of the eternal material of rocks-the most resistant to natural disasters. The paintings of artists painted on our canvases will not be afraid of either dampness or fire (patent of Ukraine 2316,). And in a house made of basalt composite material BCM, more than one generation can live in warmth and silence. Maybe there will be an engineer who will build a double of the Eiffel Tower, but not from iron, which is forever corroding, but from KM based on rocks. And the builder will build a New Venice on stilts not from larch, but from fiber-reinforced concrete based on rocks. The owner of the car does not need to be afraid of rusty metal cord tires (patent of Ukraine 18873). Ecologists will thank you for the developed filters made of basalt continuous fiber (Russian patents 2029602, 2031693). Radio Electronics will receive dielectrics that are resistant to aggressive environments and temperatures (Russian patent 2075841, 2032949, 2079987).

And this material in the Earth's crust is at least 30%, and it is even on the Moon. Humanity has only to take a natural ready-made stone, to get from it a continuous thread that is not inferior to glass. The production of this stone thread is environmentally friendly, waste-free and at the same time cheap.

The well-known American corporation OWENS Corning, the German DBW, as well as South Korean companies, having spent hundreds of millions of dollars, have not been able to organize the production of basalt continuous fiber to this day.

And only with our direct participation was the pilot production of basalt continuous fibers mastered at the Belichesky Plant of Thermal and Sound Insulation, Ukraine. We have developed a technology for the production of basalt continuous fibers in industrial conditions at the Sudogodsky Glass Fiber Plant in Russia. The products produced under our license for JSC "Sudogodskoe Glass Fiber" have been tested in many countries of the world and received positive feedback on the technological properties of basalt composite materials.

The Japanese certificate for basalt thread and the Russian certificate for thread, roving, ribbons and basalt fabrics were obtained. We also developed the technical documentation for which the working projects for obtaining basalt continuous fiber for Georgia were carried out.

It is no exaggeration to say that we are the pioneers of basalt continuous fiber production technologies and for the first time in Russia we have brought this production to an industrial scale. This is confirmed by our patents on methods, compositions, technological lines and devices for the production of inorganic fibers from rocks. Our main goal is to simplify the process of obtaining NVG and reduce the cost of production. Replacement of traditional reinforcing materials of a new GP and the creation of the "Mountain of the composites"  

Glass fiber technologies in the world continue to develop intensively, with a fair share of funds allocated for scientific research on this multi-stage, multi-component, environmentally unsafe, expensive and inferior in performance to fibers obtained from rocks

The question arises: whether to invest ever-increasing funds and material resources to further increase the capacity for the production of glass fibers, or to transfer part of these allocations to the organization of the production of new composite materials based on fibers from rocks that have "thrown down the gauntlet" to glass fibers, high-silicates, steel and alloys. And for those who want to live in an environment of pure nature, in a house built of rock fibers, quiet and warm-we offer our cooperation in Transforming the world with advanced solutions.