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This project is offered to a potential buyer of the rights to use the technology for obtaining fiber from rocks.

For more than a quarter of a century, the engineering company "KIBOL" ® has been developing and implementing a technology for producing continuous fibers from rocks (NVG).

The developed and implemented technologies are characterized by ease of integration, environmental friendliness, and direct processing of natural systems, thereby preserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption at times, in contrast to the production of carbon, glass, and other fibers.

The technologies are reliably protected by patents.

The work was carried out on the premises of the cooperative "Composite" which was located on the territory Beletskogo plant "and sound insulation" in the period 1986-1989, then on-site SKTB Institute of mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Since the early 90-ies, and to this day the work is carried out in the squares, OOO "Sudogda fiberglass".

The table shows the main works for the specified period.

Types of work


  power output



  The results of the initial data for the design of production NBV Belitski plant "of heat and sound insulation»


 150 t/year

Yuzhgiprosteklo Design Institute,


 Composite «Cooperative»

 Development of a working project for the production of NBV, Georgia


 150 t/year

  Zestafon Ferroalloy Plant


  Issuance of initial data for the design of production of NBV g.Slavuta (Ukraine)


 900 t/year

Yuzhgiprosteklo Design Institute



 Development of the working project of the NBV production, Sudogda, Russia


 500 t/year

Sudogodskoe «Plant
Glass Fiber»

 «Composite», PKO «Sudogodskoe
glass fiber

 Development of a working project for the production of NBV, Kopeysk, Russia


 150 t/year

  Plastics Factory 


 Development of "due diligence" for the construction of a plant for the production of NBV in the United States


 22500 т/г

 Raton Fiber 

 Kibol Engineering LLC

 Search for new types of raw materials in Russia.

2009 by n/a

100000 t/year


        Kibol ®

Development of technologies for the production of fibers from the GP of the middle class


2010 by n/a


50000 t/year


China, Israel

        Kibol ®

Development of feeder designs from 2000 dies


2011 by n/a


50000 t/year


China, USA

         Kibol ®

Issuance of initial data for the design and creation of NVG production facilities .

2012 by n/a


Saudi Arabia, USA

         Kibol ®

Provision of engineering services

2008 by n/a



         Kibol ®

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