About KIBOL®

Kibol Victor Fyodorovich

The President and the founder of company "KIBOL"

Kibol Victor Fyodorovich - was born in 1943, Candidate of Technical Science, is awarded with medals of interior of inventions in Brussels.

In 1967 he has graduated the Moscow's Institute of Chemical Mechanical Engineering and was assigned to the Chernorechensk Chemical Work. He has taken part in starting-up and adjustment works of various chemical enterprises in Russia and Estonia. In 1973 he has defended the dissertation on a speciality "Processes and Devices of Chemical Technology ", he becomes an expert in field of heat and mass exchange. Has developed a technique of evaluation of diffusions interactions effects in multi-component systems at carry of mass from various phases that has allowed him to solve complicated technological problems developing of completely new chemical and special technologies.

 In 1982 - he was assigned as the Senior Engineer of the experimental factory of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ASU) where under his supervision were developed the processes of manufacturing of new kinds high-temperature insulation materials which have past tests on the ground, in air and in space.

 Since 1984 - he is the executive officer of works on manufacturing of continuous basalt fibres in a Department of Technology of Fibres from rocks of Research Laboratory of Basalt Fibres of Institute of Problems of Materials ASU where he took part in improvement of technology of manufacturing of basalt continuous fiber.

In 1986 he was invited to Belichy Factory "Teplozvukoizolyatsiya" to be a Deputy Director and the Leader of Research-and-Production Division for improvement of trial technology of manufacturing of continuous fiber and producing of experimental batches for special consumer. Simultaneously he has carried out improvement of technology of manufacturing of basalt super-thin fiber and making of it thermo and sound insulation plates and other products.

In 1989 V.Kibol has organized and has headed cooperative society "Composite", then, firm "Composite", and since 1998 - Private scientific - engineering basalt technological firm "KIBOL". Under his management was executed the designs of basalt continuous Fiber production plans in Slavuta (Ukraine); in Sudogda and Kopeisk (Russia); in Zestofani and Tbilisi (Georgia).

For the first time in the world on Merefyansk Glass Factory the basalt fabric that was specially processed to be used for heat-shielding covers of military devices was produced.

In 1991 under initiative of V.Kibol Joint-Stock Company "Basalt - Impex" was established, on the basis of a factory "Sudogodskoe Steklovoiokno" Sudogda (Russia) where processes of manufacturing of continuous fibres were set up in industrial scale.

Production of "Sudogodskoe Steklovoiokno" has passed approbation and recognized at experts.

V.Kibol has more than 50 copyright certificates, patents and publications for devices, methods and technology of manufacturing of fibres from rocks, and also on application of composite materials in various industries.

V.Kibol is the participant of the international exhibitions in Australia, Germany, Russia etc.

In 1994 he is awarded with a silver medal of the World interior of inventions, scientific development and industrial innovations in Belgium, and on interior "Brussels-Evrica 95" - a gold medal for development of "The Method of Production of Basalt Fibres".